So here’s to my first post on my blog!

I am probably way over my head started a blog, while building my vlog, being in school full-time, raising my son, being a wife, auditioning for jobs, on top of other crazy things.  However, I have never been the type of girl that sits and lets time go by without filling it with as many tasks as possible.  It gets on my husband and my friends’ last nerves that I am constantly ripping and running.  The thing is, I’m not the one complaining.  I get so much fulfillment from having a long list of “Things To Do” and crossing each task off one by one.  Now I have a new task on my list!  LOL.  So I am hoping that this vlog will not only allow me to voice my opinions and share my life, but to also be another outlet.  An outlet for me to be me.  100% honest, 100% funny, 100% vulnerable, and whatever else makes up That Chick Angel.  So I realize my blog looks really boring and plain right now but I will eventually put the money into having it designed in a way that fits my personality.  (Don’t judge me. 😉  Well I look forward to seeing where this new venture takes me!  Thanks for stopping by.


4 thoughts on “So here’s to my first post on my blog!

  1. Congrats! As a mom of twins, I was excited to come across this blog. However, now mine are 6 and in kindergarten. I’m so lonely during the day. But it has been an adventure. Enjoy the joys to come!!! I look forward to more posts.

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