HELP!!! I think I need Potty Training!

HELP!!! I think I need Potty Training!

So I am officially 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant and I have to say, even though my 1st trimester was difficult as hell, the 2nd trimester has come with its own trials and tribulations.  Well, in general being pregnant can make things just a tad more complicated than usual.  For instance, I have a very strong immune system.  However when I am pregnant it is a lot easier for me to catch sicknesses from other people.  In this most recent case, I caught a cold from someone who will remain nameless (because I am not sure who it was).  This cold gave me a sore throat but even worse, it has made me sneeze…A LOT.  Now the sneezing wouldn’t bother me so much if my already fickle bladder wasn’t under a lot of pressure from two babies cramping its space.  So now, I’m not only quickly reaching for tissue to keep mucous from flying all across me and others, I am using every leg and abdominal muscle to try and keep urine from flying out too.  Well apparently I did not do enough reps on my Thigh Master Machine growing up but no amount of squeezing is keeping me from peeing on myself like a toddler.  And its not like a little tickle that could possibly be ignored, NO!  It is a full blown “Let’s empty a 1/4 of your bladder out into your clothes and your pretty panties” type of situation.

You would think I would have learned my lesson by now and just wear a pad or adult diaper during the day but I am way too hard headed.  Plus, I like to wear leggings and Depends diapers give the worst panty line.  So for now, I have resigned from wearing white pants and try to keep an extra change of clothes in my adult diaper bag.  🙂

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Here's what I looked like at 8 weeks pregnant.  I wasn't really showing but I knew the twins were there.

Here’s what I looked like at 8 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t really showing but I knew the twins were there.

Puke, Vomit, and Throw Up…YUCK

So with my first son Marcus, I had morning sickness my entire first trimester but I never threw up.  I was so grateful once I figured out how to keep my morning sickness under control that it wasn’t a big problem at all.  Well, these twins decided to do things a little differently.  My first trimester this pregnancy, I had morning sickness through out the day, all day long.  There was never a remedy to keep it from happening.  The only relief I did find was that if I woke up in the middle of the night, like around 1am, and ate something greasy, I would be fine in the morning.  Well, I did make it through my entire 1st trimester of this pregnancy without vomiting!  YAY!! But then came the 2nd trimester.  While I don’t get morning sickness anymore, I have thrown up on three separate occasions.  The first two times were in the same day and each of those times had me so very worried.  The occurrences seemed to be so violent and aggressive that it made my abdominal muscles sore for the rest of the day.  I keep getting nervous that I had dislodged a baby or I was going to lose of them.  Every time I went to the restroom that day I was making sure that there was no spotting.  Thank God there wasn’t.

Well the third time I puked wasn’t as scary, actually it was quite comical.  This happened earlier today before I got home to write this blog.  I had just finished a really great workout at the gym.  I jogged two miles and then did squats, lunges, and leg lifts, all while laughing loudly at reruns of Arrested Development.   When I left the gym, I finished my container of water and ate the banana I had in my car.  I then drove to the grocery store because I have to get all of my errands done early in the day because it is hot as BALLS in California.  While sitting in the parking lot, I noticed that my body temperature was rising very fast.  So I opened the door of my car and puked up every bit of banana and water that was in my system.  The pregnant woman in the car beside me just shook her head in disgust at me.  LOL.  I guess she thought I was hung over.   Well once I finished decorating the parking lot with my snack, I ate the rest of my banana and went inside to grocery shop.   I am hoping that is the last time my food will try to make an exit from the “entrance only” door but with these twins, I doubt it.  SMH.

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Peace and Blessings!

That Chick Angel

Its Official…WE’RE PREGNANT!

We are expecting TWINS next year!! OMG I can not believe this at all.  There is so much to tell you but I am not going to try and do that in all one post on this blog.  Yes, my husband and I changed our minds and decided to add one more child to our family. And no, we weren’t planning or trying to get pregnant with twins.  This is just God’s little way of showing me that no matter how many “To Do Lists” I create, He is “To Do List” is the only one that matters.  I am currently 13 weeks pregnant but I have been recording pregnancy vlogs almost the entire time I have been pregnant.  So even though you might be joining me 1/3 of the way through this journey, I will posting all the videos I have recorded during my pregnancy in the weeks coming.  You will get to see my friends and family’s reaction to finding out that I am pregnant with twins, including my husband and my son.  These reactions are HILARIOUS.  You will even get to see the ultrasound and hear MY REACTION to finding out instead of one baby I am having TWO!  So sit back and watch this crazy UNEXPECTED story unfold.  But make sure you follow this blog so that you can get update on the things I don’t have time to put up on my YouTube Channel, That Chick Angel TV.   Also make sure you check out how I announced it to the ladies at The Mom’s View and how I announced it on my channel!

This is my two babies at 8 weeks.  Yep they are fraternal twins.

This is my two babies at 8 weeks. Yep they are fraternal twins.

7 weeks Prego

So here’s to my first post on my blog!

I am probably way over my head started a blog, while building my vlog, being in school full-time, raising my son, being a wife, auditioning for jobs, on top of other crazy things.  However, I have never been the type of girl that sits and lets time go by without filling it with as many tasks as possible.  It gets on my husband and my friends’ last nerves that I am constantly ripping and running.  The thing is, I’m not the one complaining.  I get so much fulfillment from having a long list of “Things To Do” and crossing each task off one by one.  Now I have a new task on my list!  LOL.  So I am hoping that this vlog will not only allow me to voice my opinions and share my life, but to also be another outlet.  An outlet for me to be me.  100% honest, 100% funny, 100% vulnerable, and whatever else makes up That Chick Angel.  So I realize my blog looks really boring and plain right now but I will eventually put the money into having it designed in a way that fits my personality.  (Don’t judge me. 😉  Well I look forward to seeing where this new venture takes me!  Thanks for stopping by.